Vodafone live!cast

Vodafone live!cast automatically delivers headlines in the form of a ticker to your mobile phone home display. With just one click, the respective message can be opened and read in an enlarged window. If you want to read the complete article on the headline, you can access the articles on the Vodafone live! portal.

Short info:

  • Get business information and the latest top news

  • Information about politics, sports, and world affairs

  • free until 03/31/2006

  • the connection to the Vodafone live! portal is subject to charges depending on the subscribed tariff

Service in detail

Vodafone live!cast is pre-activated on every live!cast mobile phone. From the first switch on, messages are automatically received.

The ticker view is only visible when new messages are available. If all messages stored in the mobile phone have been read, the ticker disappears until a new message arrives. If you still want to see the ticker, you can make the ticker visible again by clicking on the "livecast" button.

What kind of cell phone do I need?

For the reception of Vodafone live!cast, a pre-installed client on the mobile phone is necessary. The Panasonic VS3 and the Sagem MyV-76 are the first mobile phones to receive live cast. More mobile phones will follow soon.

What kind of content is available?

In addition to a pre-activated live! Mix channel other channels will be available for news, sports and weather. Partners for these channels are each in their own channel, among others. Spiegel online, Focus online and Kicker. The weather comes exclusively from Kachelmann. Further channels are in preparation (e.g. business news, entertainment news).

The live! Mix channel consists of a mix of the most important headlines of the day from the areas of news and sports, TV tips, cinema news, and information about current promotions at Vodafone live! and much more.

The availability and content of the messages may vary regionally. For example, the weather is broadcast differently for each federal state. An expansion of the regional-specific reports is already in preparation.

Unlimited different channels can be received in parallel. The contents of the channels run equally in the ticker on the display.

More on the topic:

Vodafone live!cast works with these mobile phones:

  • Panasonic VS3

  • Sagem myV-76

Panasonic VS3 Manual

Vodafone live!cast allows you to receive messages related to specific topics such as weather and traffic information provided by SFR and display them cyclically using a banner on the screen saver. You must specify the information channel you want to receive. live cast displays its messages in three modes. This service may not yet be available in your country/region. For more information on this service, contact SFR. To display the predefined number of new messages received. Messages are displayed cyclically. Only part of each message can be displayed. To display 10 recently received messages. Entire messages can be displayed. To display 10 messages from the selected channel. Entire messages can be displayed.


Sagem myV-76 Manual

Vodafone live!cast - read the headlines of the day, weather and much more information directly in the news ticker on your mobile phone display. If you want to know more about a specific topic: One click takes you to the whole article in the Vodafone live! portal. Select More/Options to change your settings, add more channels or turn off the service. Please note that this service is not available in every country.


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