Antoine Quint1 did it again and again.

And then John replied.

Robin Berjon2 posted it on Slashdot3.

Vodafone was mentioned.

Get your popcorn ready.


  1. Antoine Quint is an independent consultant focusing on the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) standard, participating as an Invited Expert to the W3C SVG Working Group and promoting SVG through writings and conference appearances.

  2. Robin Berjon is a research scientist for Expway, where he works chiefly on SVG as well as binary infosets. In his spare time he also contributes code to the Perl XML community.

  3. Macromedia: More FUD About SVG, posted by timothy on Tuesday July 20, 2004 @07:40PM from the incentive-examination dept:

    Robin Berjon writes: "Macromedia recently announced that its latest version of Flash Lite (a limited Flash for mobile devices) was to support SVG Tiny 1.1, and support it fully (though no one has yet been able to verify that assertion). For a moment, the Web community wondered if they might be playing nice at last, after yielding to massive pressure from the mobile market to support W3C and 3GPP standards, or if they simply meant to use SVG as a trojan to get Flash into mobile devices. An article freshly published on Macromedia's web site clearly makes the case that they're after the latter, speading as much FUD as possible along the way. Thankfully, Antoine Quint decided to respond in a brief O'Reilly Net article in which he debunks Macromedia's marketing lies one by one, and expands on the wondrous features of SVG Tiny 1.1 and the shortly upcoming SVG Tiny 1.2 that make people drool before their mobile phones."